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About Hoteyo

Hoteyo is Private Ltd Company. Successfully running in hospitality sector to provide hospitality solution to our linked clients. Our main target is to maintain customer satisfaction.

We are providing complete training’s and audits reports, rating, online sales from Jazz-in online booking portal. We make strategies to grow your business. Our main logo is to build trust with our clients.

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We train front desk staff regarding guest/customer dealing, stock management and all kinds of small maintenance. We also provide training to house keeping staff that how to take care of room cleaning, bedding and other related room services.


We train front desk staff regarding rating services i.e. how to obtain reviews & ratings from customers on the spot. Apart from that, getting customer feedback/ratings by contacting them over phone and through social media is also a part of our training.


Taking best care of customers is crucial for every industry. There comes the importance of Audit where we impart training to staff. Under this, we provide solutions related to problems of room fare overcharging, occupancy & vacancy of rooms tracking etc.


Our whole emphasis is always on promoting sales of our associated clients. There are no charges on hotel booking. It’s FREE. We help our associates in improving their sales by promoting them through our mobile app and social media platforms.

Legal Support

At each district and sub-divisional level, we aim to provide legal support to our associates if there is any conflict between them and third party. We always focus on smooth flow of internal affairs with better transparency, therefore, taking care of legal needs as well.

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    What Our Clients Say?

    Before linked with Hoteyo. I mostly receive complain on cleaning issue from my hotel guests but Hoteyo trained my cleaning staff in perfect way. Now I am not getting any complaint for cleaning issues. Great job Hoteyo.


    They trained my front office staff with very professional way. Now because of Hoteyo my hotel reception cooks very professional. Thanks for supporting us for your services Hoteyo.


    Hoteyo is complete solution for hotels owners. I am linked with Jazz in hospitality app. after this I noticed great sales improvement in my business. I recommended to all my business associates to link with Jazz and grow your business.


    Really appreciated Hoteyo for effords towards hospitality solutions. They are very professional in their work. After join I noticed my accounts are now very transparent and now I can see my business is growing in manner way. Thanks to Hoteyo.


    After meeting with their staff I’m really impressed to see their business plan. Its very impressive and clear and simple. After getting linked with Hoteyo I think I should open new hotel with their smart services. Keep it up keep growing



    Hoteyo is private Ltd company. Successfully running in hospitality sector to provide hospitality solution to our linked clients. Our main target is to maintain customer satisfaction.


    Jazz Inn Rooms Pvt. Ltd. 1094 P, Sector 46, Gurgaon, Haryana, HR-122001, IND

    1800-208-1118,     +91 72074 30074



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